How to Solve Using Trigonometric Identities


This kind of Identity is unique, It is the only Identity that has exponents in it. This leads to most of the confusion that occurs when people use this identity. These identities are probably the most recent ones, as there is no real underlying principal as there are with COfunction Identities. This one greek guy saw the problems that comes up when there are exponents combined with trig functions, so he tried some things out and made our lives easier. He made the Pythagorean Identities. They make sense, but the only way to really figure them out is to plug in numbers. Luckily, in my experience, these functions are used more for answers than any thing else, meaning we don't have to deal with sin2(39,076°). Also, there are only three of them, which makes our lives infinitely easier.   These identities are as follows: